18 Jun

When does the air conditioner spend more?

When might your air conditioner be causing high electricity bills?

Have you thought about how much electricity your air conditioner spends? The high electricity bills may not always be a result of a rise in the price of electricity. The reason may be connected to the air conditioning system you are using.

Even if your air conditioner is relatively new, the way you use or maintain it may have affected its efficiency.

Air conditioning systems can be economical, but they may also cause high electricity bills. If you too are wondering if your appliance is spending too much, this article may be very helpful to you. We will describe the most common cases where an air conditioner may not be that energy efficient.

7 reasons why your air conditioner is causing high energy bills

1. Dirty air filters

Your filters are the input to your entire air conditioning system. If they aren’t kept clean, the other components will also get dirty and lose of their efficiency.

When the dust and dirt become too much, the airflow does not flow freely. This makes it difficult for the air conditioner to work. It will start working harder to reach the set degrees. Consequently, it will also start consuming more electricity than usual. The main reason for this is overheating of the compressor and the motors of the air conditioner.

Keeping the filters clean should become a routine procedure for you as is cleaning your home.

2. Air duct leaks

The function of air ducts is to conduct and distribute air. However, they may have a fault or leak that causes uneven airflow in the system.

When the airflow is poor, the air conditioner will again try to work harder to compensate for the fault and achieve the set temperature.

The result will be harder air conditioner operation and higher energy bills. To prevent such a problem, it’s a good idea to seal the system’s ducts, and this is best done by a professional technician.

3. Faulty parts (motors, condensers, etc.)

If any part of the air conditioner is damaged, it will certainly cause the system to malfunction. No matter if the motors, condensers or compressor are damaged, there will be an impact in the air conditioner’s performance and the electricity bills.

During the air conditioner maintenance, all parts will be checked, and repairs wil be made if necessary. So if you want to make sure that everything is fine with the unit, don’t skip the annual checkup.

4. Low refrigerant levels

Another very common cause of an inefficient air conditioner is refrigerant loss. Any type of air conditioning system transfers heat through refrigerant. Over time, however, cracks can form in the system through which it may leak.

If the unit is running low on refrigerant, it may fail to warm or cool the room. You may hear a hissing sound, which indicates a Freon leak in most cases. Also, Freon is a substance that is harmful to the environment and humans. If you suspect such a malfunction, be sure to have a professional measure the refrigerant level in your air conditioning system. He will also be able to locate the problem and fix it safely.

5. Lack of maintenance

A major reason why an air conditioner has reduced energy efficiency is that most of the users do not take proper care of it. If you want to have a well-working air conditioner, it is not enough to invest in a high-quality model. Maintenance during use plays a very important role.

To make sure you are taking the best care of your air conditioning system, it is a good idea to schedule a maintenance appointment before every active season. This way, you can rest assured that your unit will run efficiently and your energy bills won’t surprise you.

6. Old system

Sometimes even a well-maintained air conditioner may not be efficient. You’ll ask, “How is that possible?”. After 10-15 years, appliances wear out and start spending more electricity. In addition, newer models have greater capabilities, and they are more energy-efficient and have a more advanced system.

7. Improper installation

The reason your air conditioner is spending more could be quite different from the ones already mentioned. After all, your air conditioner may be new, have no damaged or dirty parts, but improper installation may have caused the system to malfunction.

If the appliance is not properly sized for the room, it could result in a short cycle or frequent turning on and off. This will certainly lead to high electricity bills. Over time, improper installation can lead to serious damage to the air conditioning system. So when consulting a professional, make sure to give this point special attention.

Go through the list of probable reasons if you notice you have high electricity bills. However, especially newer models of air conditioners should help you save on these costs.

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