08 Aug

The restaurant business is a very specific business where customer satisfaction is key to success. With the development of social networks and the emergence of various restaurant rating applications, where customers can reflect their reviews online, it is increasingly challenging for the owners of these businesses. Making compromises is not only noticed, but also publicly reflected.

In addition to a good atmosphere, good service, quality food, the appropriate climate in the restaurant is at the forefront of customer requirements. That is why the choice of a quality air conditioning system is of particular importance for the restaurant business.

The importance of air conditioning for your restaurant

When they go to a restaurant, people are increasingly looking for a complete experience. They feel and see the details, even if they don’t always show it. For them, a good restaurant is not only a place to eat, but also a place where they go to relax, enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and create memories with their loved ones.

How does air conditioning affect the customer experience?

The right temperature is a necessity to make your restaurant’s visitors feel good. If it is too cold, they may catch a cold or simply feel discomfort throughout their stay. If it’s too hot, they may feel sick or not be able to enjoy everything else you have to offer.

We’ll go over all the factors you need to consider when choosing an air conditioner for your establishment.

Restaurant air conditioning challenges

Conditions in restaurants are different and each room must be heated/cooled according to its specific characteristics. Unlike offices, restaurants have a constant flow of people and the temperature in the dining area and food preparation area must be considered for everyone’s health and safety. Both staff and customers should feel comfortable. According to studies, the appropriate temperature in restaurants in the dining area varies between 20 and 23°C. However, this cannot be taken as universally valid, as each establishment has its own characteristics. Different zones are best managed according to their conditions.

What can change the conditions in the zones?

● The area that is close to the door of the restaurant is more affected by the temperature of the outside environment.

● Customers may have different temperature preferences.

● The excess heat that is released when the kitchen is working at full capacity.

● The number of visitors in the restaurant at a given time.

Peculiarities in the maintenance of air conditioning systems in the kitchen

Kitchens and food preparation areas are definitely the most challenging and busy. They often have the following temperature changing elements:

● Presence of smoke

● Additional heat due to cooking processes and cooking appliances

● Accumulation of high humidity

If you don’t have an air conditioning system that can handle all of these conditions, your staff will not be comfortable and productivity will decrease.

Suitable air conditioning systems for restaurants:

Wall air conditioners

The most common air conditioners for small to medium-sized rooms are wall-mounted. They are also the easiest to install. The oblong shape of the indoor unit allows them to be installed high on the wall.

Wall-mounted air conditioners are also the most budget option. However, it is very important where you will mount the indoor unit. In general, it is good to have them centrally located to distribute the air flow evenly. In some cases, it is better to place two or more devices to avoid congested/hot spots in the establishment.

Cassette air conditioners

This is one of the best solutions for larger restaurants. Cassette air conditioners have an elegant and beautiful panel that distributes the air stream in four directions. They are mounted on the ceiling with most of the panel not visible, making them aesthetically pleasing for the restaurant environment.

Thanks to the air ducts, fresh air from the outside can be brought into the air-conditioned room, thus ensuring a continuous flow of clean and healthy air.

Duct air conditioners

The other type of air conditioning system, which is very suitable for restaurants and cafes, is the duct system. They are also almost “invisible”. Although they require a larger investment, they are also the most aesthetic option. What is visible are only their small bars on the ceiling.

It is best to install the ducted air conditioners during the construction works, before the opening of the restaurant. If there is already a suspended ceiling, they can also be installed subsequently.

Midea offers a modern range of wall, cassette and duct air conditioners that will help you achieve the perfect environment in your establishment. Contact our team if you need advice.