08 Aug

Inverter air conditioners from the Midea Xtreme Save series are a great example of quality products that you can buy at an affordable price. By opting for this Midea series, you can not only save on the cost of a new air conditioning system, but also gain access to many features that are available in more expensive heating and cooling air conditioning options.

Ecological and energy efficient

Meeting all the standards for efficient heating and cooling, Midea Xtreme Save provides once again the perfect quality that the brand has continuously maintained since its inception. The series works with the most environmentally friendly refrigerant variant to date – R32 and has a protection function in case of freon leakage in the system.

Enjoy the great range of extras while also saving on your electricity bills. The series has proven energy efficiency and can help you significantly reduce electricity consumption.

You don’t have to spend a large portion of your budget on heating or cooling. Simply control your power consumption wisely by choosing from the available economy modes:

Eco mode – it allows you to reduce energy consumption by 60% within 8 hours of continuous operation.

Quiet mode – choose the mode for full energy-efficient comfort at night.

Night mode – with the necessary ultra-low energy, you can now enjoy a restful sleep.

“Follow Me” function The
remote control of the Xtreme Save series air conditioners has a temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the power of the air conditioner according to the temperature measured by it.

With up to 80% cleaner air
Midea Xtreme Save inverter air conditioners are also equipped with a super ionizer , which helps clean and healthy air by generating many positive and negative ions. Through the released ions, unpleasant odors are neutralized and pollen, dust and other pollutants are removed. To remove airborne particles such as dust and bacteria. But that’s not all, Midea Xtreme Save also has a special double filtration technology, including a high-density filter and an ionizing filter for precise air purification. Protect yourself and your family and provide yourself with up to 80% cleaner air at home.

Optimum level of comfort
The Midea Xtreme Save series of air conditioners provide freedom and ease of system management and operation. You can control your air conditioner from anywhere using the Wi-Fi control option. Adjust both the angle of the louvres and the operating power of the compressor for maximum comfort and economy.

Durability and reliability
The Midea Xtreme Save series of air conditioners is characterized by its durability and reliability, due to the oxidation and corrosion resistant Blue Fin coating. This special coating also plays an important role in preventing the spread of bacteria and other harmful substances. The panels of the outdoor unit have a durable diamond coating, which ensures greater strength and durability of the structure. 

Freeze protection on cold days
Both the compressor and the outdoor unit heater have electric heaters that protect the system from freezing in negative temperatures and help it start up faster.

The Midea Xtreme Save series is available in 2 variants according to your needs:

  • Midea Xtreme Save Lite , which has a high energy class A++ in cooling mode and A+ in heating mode. It is available in 9000 Btu, 12000Btu, 18000Btu and 24000 Btu capacities.
  • Midea Xtreme Save Pro has a high energy rating of A+++ in cooling mode and A++ in heating mode and is available in 9000 Btu to 12000 Btu.

Air conditioners from the Midea Xtreme Save series are a convenient solution both for domestic users and for air conditioning in warehouses and shopping centers. Learn more about the Midea Xtreme Lite and Pro models on the Midea.bg page. Contact us if you have additional questions and need a consultation.